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Monaco,Prince Albert of Monaco tests positive for coronavirus

Prince Albert of Monaco has tested positive for coronavirus but his health is not a cause for concern, his office said “Prince Albert is continuing to work from the office in his private apartments,” it said in a statement.The office said that Prince Albert is in constant contact with members of his cabinet, the government and his closest staff.”I want to reassure everyone. I’m not on a hospital bed”
A few minutes after the official dispatch from the Prince’s Palace announcing his positive coronavirus test, this Thursday afternoon, it was Prince Albert II equal to himself who agreed to answer our questions by phone. Certainly a little tired but optimistic about the evolution of his state of health and that of his relatives. A sovereign who also insisted on addressing directly to young people who must especially not believe they are “invincible” in the face of this virus.
You just revealed that you tested positive for coronavirus, how are you?
Look, it’s okay. I have the usual little symptoms. It’s a kind of flu pre-condition but it’s not really a big flu. I’m coughing a bit but it really doesn’t matter what you get if you have a bronchial infection These are completely manageable symptoms at the moment and I hope it does not improve.
Photo/ Luigi Iorio

Photo/ Luigi Iorio

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