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Lady Gaga publishes the cover of “Chromatica”

The release date of the new album by the New York singer-songwriter has not yet been announced.
The release of the album was scheduled for April 10, and had been anticipated by the first single “Stupid Love”, but Lady Germanotta, in light of the spread of the pandemic from Coronavirus, decided to postpone its release later in 2020.
Those who follow Lady Gaga’s record vicissitudes believe that “Chromatica” could include a duet with Ariana Grande. La Grande shared a photo of her together with Gaga on her Instagram page, subtitling the post: “Happy birthday to a literal angel who changed my life in many ways!”. Among the other possible collaborations present on the disc there is also rumor that of the K-Pop Blackpink formation.
Gaga explained the decision to postpone the release of the new album:
“This is a frantic and frightening moment for all of us, and while I believe that art is one of the most powerful things we have to give us joy and healing each other in times like this, it doesn’t seem fair to release this album with all that it happens during this global pandemic. “


(© Photo/ Luigi Iorio)

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