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Short film on coronavirus POINT OF VIEW of Gianluigi Iorio

Young actor GIanluigi Iorio, aspiring Italian actor.
I study acting at the “Mohole School” in Milan. My short film on coronavirus was presented to make us reflect on the conditions of these dramatic situations

POINT OF VIEW-di Gianluigi Iorio Guardare di più il cielo, tingere d’ocra un morto. Fare per la prima volta
il pane.
Per la prima volta, stringere con la mano un’altra mano, sentire forte l’intesa. Che siamo insieme.
Saremo qui, più attenti credo. Più delicata
la nostra mano starà dentro il fare della vita.Adesso, lo sappiamo quanto è triste
stare lontani un met

Gianluigi Iorio

Look more at the sky, dye a dead man with ocher. Do for the first time
the bread. For the first time, shake another hand with your hand, feel strong understanding. That we are together.
We will be here, more careful I think. More delicate
our hand will be inside the making of life.
Now, we know how sad it is
stay a meter away.

POINT OF VIEW-di Gianluigi Iorio

Ph. Saverio Merone/ Starrywaystudio Milan

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