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Riccardo Scamarcio got married and becomes a dad

Riccardo Scamarcio dad? According to the weekly Diva and Donna, the 41-year-old Apulian actor would expect his first child from his partner Angharad Wood, with whom he has been together for about two years.

launch the bomb, Diva and Donna who publishes the photos of Riccardo Sacamarcio with Angharad Wood walking in Rome + her baby bump + faith in the ring finger + declarations friends of the couple who confirm their attendance “for a couple of years” (finding ” archive, the couple was photographed arm in arm by Gente in April 2019, ed) and the pregnancy of the English manager complete with the term of delivery (scheduled for mid-August) and the sex of Baby Scamarcio (a girl). Wow. But who is Miss Wood? 46 years old (Scamarcio 39), lives in London and already mother of a 14 year old girl: affirmed manager directs Tavistock Wood, a well-known and quoted management agency for actors and writers and ended up on British Vogue among the (beautiful) examples of female empowerment. Photo Gigi Iorio/NewsPress

Photo Gigi Iorio/NewsPress

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