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Claudia Schiffer curates an exhibition on the 90s

“Fashion photography from the 1990s” is the first exhibition entirely curated by the German top model who reveals the work of legendary photographers and designers through images, photographs and memorabilia. The inauguration is scheduled for March 4, 2021 at the Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf
Claudia Schiffer will present Fashion photography from the 1990s. The first exhibition curated by the German top model is scheduled for March 4 to June 13 2021 at the Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf.
The exhibition is a journey that revives the cultural panorama of the fashion of the 90s. Photographs, moving images, music and memorabilia recovered from Schiffer’s personal archive reveal the work of the most legendary photographers and fashion designers of all time. Visitors will be shown behind the scenes of the most exclusive fashion shows and parties of the entire decade.
«I fell in love with fashion in the 80s, but only in the 90s did I understand what fashion really means. It was an intense and wonderful time as it had never been. Fashion dominated the front pages for weeks. The other supermodels and I breathed this atmosphere, we lived for it and for the first time we realized that we made a difference. I am thrilled to create this exhibition for the Kunstpalast, with which I share my personal journey and the works of the greatest artists in the fashion world », said Claudia Schiffer.( Photo Gigi Iorio/Newspress)

Photo Gigi Iorio/Newspress

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