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Jennifer Lopez launches a beauty line

The star has spread the news through her Instagram profile, with a post that reads: “#JLobeauty is coming”. The details of the project still remain top secret
After weeks of rumors about a new top-secret project, Jennifer Lopez’s big announcement has arrived. The star confirmed the official launch of her beauty brand with a post on her Instagram profile, which reads: “#JLobeauty is coming”.
Jennifer Lopez shared a preview of the drop through a post in which she herself sports a super bright bronze-toned make-up, with the caption “Sunset glow”. It must be said that at the moment, however, not much else is known about JLo beauty. Earlier this month, the singer and actress told fans she was shooting a video for her secret project. Many have therefore thought that this top secret video and project could be linked to the highly anticipated launch of her beauty line.
According to recent rumors, in December Jennifer Lopez filed the JLo beauty brand for cosmetics and skin care products, including moisturizers, cleansers, soaps, gels, lotions, serums, masks and face and body creams.

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