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Unhinged, psychological thriller starring Russell Crowe.

Russell Crowe scary in thriller ‘The Wrong Day’ – Preview Trailer
The film starring Oscar winner Russell Crowe in an extreme role will be in Italian cinemas on 24 September. ‘Wrong Day’ sees Rachel (Caren Pistorius) late for work when she finds herself arguing at the stoplight with a stranger (Crowe) who is in a delicate phase of her existence where she feels helpless and invisible. Thus Rachel will become, along with everyone she loves, the target of a man who decides to leave a final mark on the world by teaching her a series of… deadly lessons. A dangerous game of cat and mouse will ensue that proves that you never know how close you are to someone who is about to explode.
Video 01 Distribution

Protagonist in the USA as the first film to score interesting collections from the reopening of the theaters (or a part of them), Il Giorno Sbagliato is shown to the Italian people of the network thanks to the first disturbing trailer. In Italy the film will be distributed by Leone Film Group starting from 24 September,
Find the trailer at the bottom of the page.

Courtesy/ Video 01 Distribution

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