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Bulgari Barocko High Jewelry Collection . Palazzo Colonna. Rome.

At Palazzo Colonna the LVMH maison unveiled the Barocko collection, with a parterre from supermodel to Anna Foglietta, passing through Naomi Campbell and Kitty Spencer. The CEO of the brand told MFF about the strategies to become a leader in the sector
A parade in the gardens of Palazzo Colonna, in Rome, saw the Barocko high jewelery collection, created by Bulgari in homage to the geniuses of the 17th century from Bernini to Borromini, from Caravaggio to Pietro da Cortona.
A parterre of stars attended the event. From top Naomi Campbell to supermodel Jon Kortajarena, from actor Matt Dillon to Kitty Spencer and Poppy Delevingne. Without forgetting the Italians Alessandro Borghi, Alessio Lapice, Emma Marrone, Nataly Osmann, Anna Foglietta and Isabella Ferrari. Photo Courtesy Bulgari Press

Photo Courtesy Bulgari Press

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