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Louis Vuitton will set up the next show inside the Samaritaine

Louis Vuitton will set up the next show inside the Samaritaine

before its opening to the public, LVMH will allow Louis Vuitton to use the new super-luxury location of the iconic La Samaritaine department store as the setting for the brand’s next show. Vuitton will therefore unveil its Spring-Summer 2021 line at 3.00 pm on Tuesday 6 October inside the Samaritaine, a very famous department store on the banks of the Seine, in the Parisian 1st arrondissement, which has been closed for renovation for more than 15 years. The event will be characterized by being the last physical show of Paris Fashion Week, which debuted this Monday afternoon with nine days of shows and over 80 events on the calendar.A Vuitton spokesperson confirmed that the next show by the maison’s womens fashion designer, critical protégé Nicholas Ghesquière, will take place at the Samaritaine, which now includes a brand new 5-star luxury hotel, “Le Cheval Blanc”, featuring an exceptional view of the Pont Neuf.  The designer will send the cast of models to the top floor of the complex, under a giant glass dome, which casts light into a huge interior atrium. Due to social distancing, Vuitton will carry out two fashion shows, with about 200 guests for each.

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