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Elettra Lamborghini wedding: wedding dresses

Elettra Lamborghini wedding: wedding dresses,

Three changes of look for the bride: classic, pop and sexy, to frame every moment of the “most beautiful day. The first of the three dresses, low-cut white with transparencies on the legs and a veil on the head, was purchased in a boutique in Naples together with Enzo Miccio.
Change of dress during dinner for the bride, who wore a mermaid model, with a generous sweetheart neckline and bateau sleeves in lace. To frame the bursting décolleté is a necklace of diamonds and dangling earrings. Last change for the cutting of the cake and the dance. That it would be a sexy outfit Elettra had announced, but perhaps not everyone expected such a bold look: strapless dress, studded with crystals with a dizzying neckline and slit. To complete it all, a pair of precious sandals with a not too high heel, while at the cut of the cake the new groom wore a pair of sneakers under the tuxedo. Photo Instagramm

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