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Everything you already know about the fourth season of “Crown”

We will finally see Princess Diana. And little prince William!

In April, the series’ official Twitter account announced that British actress Emma Corrin had been cast in the role of Young Lady Dee. Subsequently, footage of the shoot leaked to the network, in which we see Diana, Prince Charles and little Prince William. It appears they were filming an episode in which the royal couple and their nine-month-old son fly to Australia in 1983. “Emma is incredibly talented and has fascinated us from the very first meeting. She is beautiful and innocent like the young Diana, but on the other hand she also has an inner princess core. I’m sure she will brilliantly tackle the role of a great woman who has become an icon of her generation, ”commented series creator Peter Morgan. What real-life events will be filmed? In addition to the visit of Charles and Diana to Australia, in one of the episodes there will be a scene with Michael Fagan infiltrating Buckingham Palace (in 1982 he managed to enter the royal chambers, claiming that he wanted to speak only with Elizabeth II). He will be played by Tom Brook. (Photo Courtsey Netflix The Crown / Press Office)

The Crown 4, the first images of the Netflix series

Photo Courtsey Netflix The Crown / Press Office

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