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Ulturale launches the first tie that turns into a mask

History of an Italian excellence that has been built since the post-war period, the Neapolitan brand of Ulturale ties has launched an innovative “safety tie”, called “Vattinn”, which combines elegance with functionality. This is the first tie in the world whose tail turns into a protective mask if necessary.Ulturale, a reality that has expressed the highest Italian sartorial tradition since 1985, is the first brand in the world to launch a brand new tie whose tail turns into a protective mask when needed. The novelty of this year’s catalog is called Vattinn ’, the first” safety tie “designed to protect the respiratory tract in case of need, without sacrificing elegance. The Neapolitan company, for this unique product of its kind, has filed an international patent.

“We made sure that the very folds of the tie became a protective mask for the airways”, says founder Vincenzo Ulturale during a call on Zoom created by the brand’s flagship in Via Bigli in Milan. “The idea comes from a spontaneous, instinctive gesture. I did not have a mask with me and while I was talking to a person who was wearing it, I naturally protected my face by wearing a tie to my nose. From there we decided to work on a tie that had those characteristics.
Available in three variants, the new “ethical” tie can be purchased in the single-brand stores in Naples, Rome and Milan or in the concept store in Varese and in the new shop in shop in Parma.

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