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Bella Hadid’s Birthday Vacation

Bella Hadid’s Birthday Vacation Looks Like A Teen Movie From The 2000s

Hold on a second, did we just fall into a time machine? Bella Hadid may have been still in her toddler clothes in the year 2000, but the model’s current birthday celebration looks like it’s happening at the turn of the millennium.

The catwalk star jetted off to an unknown destination a couple of days ago to ring into her 24th trip around the sun. While she assures us that she “usually cancel[s] any kind of big birthday celebration”, this year she opted to take her friends to a tropical island via private yet. Talk about an all or nothing approach! Since touching down on the mysterious white sand and turquoise sea location, Hadid hasn’t scrimped on sharing a glimpse at the vacation antics—and more importantly, her warm weather wardrobe.

Again, despite the fact that Hadid would have been more familiar with OshKosh B’gosh in the actual year 2000, her suitcase for this occasion contains nothing but noughties staples. Low-rise baggy jeans with a baby pink cami? Check. A tie dye bikini and belly chain combo? Check. Halter necks and bandanas? Check. Tube tops with drawstring pants? Check!!! She’s even gone all in with retro chunky blond hi-lights for extra clout! (Maybe a partnership with Sun In is in the works? We’ll report back.) Courtsey Photo/ Instagramm Bella Hadid

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