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Powerhouse stylist B. Åkerlund, who has worked with everyone from Madonna to Britney to Rihanna,  has paired up with Handsome Stockholm on a collection of leather gloves inspired by royalty. The Royal Collection features eight couture Italian leather gloves named after celebrated royal positions. The gloves are available in red, black, beige and silver options or a combination of these with one offering a nod to the Queen of Hearts. Åkerlund tells us more! What was your vision for “The Royal Collection?”
I wanted to create a glove collection that I could add to my everyday wardrobe, but still feel chic and add some flavor to my fall look.

What was it about this project that appealed to you?
I felt a need for new interesting glove options in the market and felt that Handsome’s execution and quality was up to par with my aesthetic. We understand each style is named after a celebrated royal such as the “Queen,” “Duchess,” etc. What was it about each glove that gave them their name?  
I wanted to name every style in the collection after the rank that I thought they represented. “The Queen” is named “The Queen” because it has the most lavish design and represents the attitude of a powerful woman. ( Courtsey Photo B. ÅKERLUND )

Courtsey Photo B. ÅKERLUND

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