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LACMA’s Tim Burton exhibition inspires Daedelus’ ‘Toil & Trouble’

Daedelus Presents “Toil & Trouble,” Inspired by LACMA’s Tim Burton Exhibition (Photo courtesy of LACMA)

Inspired by the Tim Burton retrospective at LACMA, record producer Daedelus has created a playlist evoking some of the playful and spooky forces in Burton’s oeuvre with tracks by multiple artists including Shlohmo and Airhead – a perfect accompaniment for the Halloween season. “Toil and Trouble,” available on LACMA’s website, is a musical menagerie inspired by Burton’s exhibition.

Daedelus created a musical menagerie inspired by Tim Burton’s exhibition. “Toil & Trouble,” as inspired by the phenomenal Tim Burton Retrospective at LACMA thru Halloween; is an attempt to evoke some of the very disparate forces at play and playful in Mr. Burton’s oeuvre. Here is a gentleman that has crossed every creative boundary with iconic style, so a daunting task indeed to try and reveal his unique spirit in song, but with much joy in my attempt. Deciding to have this mix be a sort of counter-soundtrack for the installation, as well a meditation on his considerable style. You’ll find ancient and classic tracks with some modern musics from the likes of Shlohmo, Airhead, Flying Lotus with MatthewDavid, and much much more. I do so hope you enjoy, or at least revel in the airs solely Tim Burton.” – Daedelus

(Photo courtesy of LACMA)

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