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Carolina Kostner launches her first Icenonice fashion collection

Carolina Kostner signs the Icenonice line, designed and built to “wear skating” even off the rink. Carolina has entrusted Sagester, a world leader in the production of technical clothing. Together, they combined technical needs and style for an eco-chic, sustainable and innovative outfit. Carolina Kostner launches her first fashion collection .The queen of ice skating has decided to try her hand on a new terrain, that of fashion. And here is the debut Icenonice, its first line of clothing with a casual eco-chic style, which alternates purely sporty garments and others designed for everyday life. Twelve outfits suitable for all seasons, two purely winter garments and, we could not miss in this period, 2 models of masks.

Courtsey Photo/ Icenonice fashion collection

“It is a dream born as a child, when I designed all colored costumes that I cut out and jealously kept in a box that I still keep today as a small treasure”, explains excited Carolina Kostner. “Now that dream has come true and the thrill of giving life to something that many people could have worn was great. I thought of transferring my idea of ​​eco-chic to garments, to combine the world of ice with the life of everyday.” “Clothing is not only fashion – continues Carolina – but also a way of communicating with the world and can transmit a real social value. A philosophy of life that I made my own on the ice and that now I want to convey through my clothes to girls and to women of all ages “. The collection is on sale both online ( and at the retailers of the manufacturer in Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Germany, Belgium

Courtsey Photo/ Icenonice fashion collection

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