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Johnny Depp Hollywood actor lost defamation lawsuit against The Sun

Johnny Depp, the judge blames him for beating ex-wife Amber Heard

London, Johnny Depp is wrong, according to British justice, and it is true that he beat ex-wife Amber Heard. Judge Andrew Nicol, of the High Court of London, today rejected the defamation complaint filed by the Hollywood star against the tabloid Sun, which in 2018 had branded him in the role of a conjugal “thug” on the basis of the accusations made by the former. wife, actress and former model. The verdict came several weeks after a cycle of pro-expected hearings for three months under the media’s eye, between conflicting testimonies, rancorous recriminations between the two ex-spouses (both present in the courtroom and protagonists of long hearings), embarrassing admissions on the use of drugs and alcohol. Johnny Depp calls the defamation of the High Court defamation trial against his wife of £ 2 million for Amber Heard “ disconcerting ” and says the judgment is so flawed that it would be “ ridiculous ” not to appeal the decision. British High Court judge called the accusation made by the Sun against the American actor in domestic violence “substantially true”: “I reached this conclusion having examined in detail 14 episodes presented by the defense (of the tabloid)” to justify what was written about Depp, as well as on the basis of some substantial admissions made by the complainant himself “, underlined Nicol while reading the sentence. ( Photo/ Gigi Iorio / News Press )

Photo/ Gigi Iorio / News Press ) Venice Festival

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