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Sophia Loren in the running for the Oscar with “Life ahead”

According to the prestigious weekly Variety, the name of the Italian actress is on the list of Oscar nominations for the film directed by her son, Edoardo Ponti, which will be on Netflix from 13 November. With a 2021 Oscar nomination, Sophia Loren would break the distance record between the first and the last. According to Variety, all the cards in order to enter the competition for the prestigious Academy Award statuette are all there.

Sophia Loren nominated for an Oscar

The entertainment magazine founded in 1905 in Los Angeles, one of the most authoritative voices for international cinema and entertainment, writes: “The race for the best actress is full of veterans this year, with performers of the caliber of Meryl Streep, Michelle Pfeiffer and Ellen Burstyn vying for Oscar nominations. Part of the list is Sophia Loren, one of the most prolific actresses of the golden age of Hollywood, with “Life ahead of her by Edoardo Ponti”.Variety then puts Sophia Loren, 86 beautifully worn, on the list of Oscar nominees for the film directed by her son, which will be on Netflix from 13 November. “The Oscar-winning Italian actress – continues Variety – got her gold statuette for” La ciociara “in 1962, which made her the first actress to win an Oscar for a film in a foreign language. He got another nomination in 1965 for “Matrimonio all’italiana” and if he manages to get a nomination for “Life Ahead”, he could set a new record. 2021, will in fact mark 56 years since his last nomination and, if nominated, will break the record currently held by Henry Fonda for the longest gap between first and last nomination. Fonda was nominated for the first time in 1941 for “Furore” and won the Oscar in 1982 for “Sul lago d’oro”, marking a gap of 41 years “.

The return to the cinema

Sophia Loren has been away from the cinema for some time. Among the latest films in which we have seen her at work are Edoardo Ponti’s The Human Voice (2013), Rob Marshall’s Nine (2009) and Lina Wertmüller’s Stuffed Peppers and Fish in the Face (2004). “I stayed away for many years and I didn’t even notice, maybe because I needed to rest my brain, my head, me. I needed silence, I needed my children. I needed to see them grow as I had not done before this absence from the screen and so I decided with them to stop and live with my family as a lady who worked a lot and then stopped for a while. Then when my son arrived with this story of Madame Rosa, whom I already knew quite well, it moved me very much and made me go back to the times when I was starting to make films ”. And he adds: “I wanted to resume because the story was worth it, because it is an important story for me, for my head, for my experience”. In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Sophia Loren in twenty-first place among the greatest stars in the history of cinema and Loren is the only one still alive among the 25 actresses on the list. And to those who ask her if she hopes for another Oscar, she replies: “my Oscar is this film”.

Photo / Gigi Iorio/ News Press Venice Festival

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