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Gucci will unveil the latest collection via its digital festival next week

Gucci will unveil the latest collection via its digital festival next week

In the latest twist of fashion shows, which are increasingly turning to the online world, Gucci plans to reveal the next collection via its digital film festival called GucciFest.The unprecedented initiative debuts on November 16, with an entire week of fashion films co-directed by Alessandro Michele and Gus Van Sant. In fact, it will be a seven-part miniseries entitled “Overture of Something that Never Ended”, the name of the next collection of the Italian fashion house.The Florentine brand defined the new project as “an innovative digital cinema”, and in a collegial gesture Michele invited 15 other independent designers to show their new creations at its digital festival: Ahluwalia, Shanel Campbell, Stefan Cooke, Cormio, Charles De Vilmorin , JordanLuca, Mowalola, Yueqi Qi, Rave Review, Gui Rosa, Rui, Bianca Saunders, Hill Road, Boramy Viguier and Gareth Wrighton. Filmed in Rome, the seven-episode series stars actress, artist and performer Silvia Calderoni engaged in a surreal series of episodes of everyday life in the city, in which she meets a number of international talents and friends of the Maison, including : Paul B. Preciado, Achille Bonito Oliva, Billie Eilish, Darius Khonsary, Lu Han, Jeremy O. Harris, Ariana Papademetropoulos, Arlo Parks, Harry Styles, Sasha Waltz and Florence Welch.

The seven episodes will be broadcast daily during the festival exclusively on YouTube Fashion, Weibo, Gucci YouTube and posted on the dedicated website, gradually revealing the new collection day by day. As anticipated by Alessandro Michele last May on the occasion of the publication of his manifesto “Appunti dal Silenzio”, the presentation of the next collection is “a new joyful narrative with an irregular cadence, no longer bound by the old notion of seasonality, but closer to its vocation of expression and told by merging rules and genres, feeding on new spaces, linguistic codes and communication platforms “, indicates a statement

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