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US elections 2020, Biden towards the White House.

US elections 2020, Biden towards the White House.

US President Donald J. Trump speaks on election night at an event at the White House in Washington

Joe Biden is ahead in Nevada by 12,000 votes over Donald Trump. CNN reports, underlining that the Democrat is stretching on the president. In fact, the latest survey granted him an advantage of 7,000 cards. It is now at + 1%.In the second long American election night, it is a challenge to the last vote in the four key states where the votes are still counted and which in fact with a prize of 57 great voters will decide the match between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Everywhere is a substantial heads up that has so far prevented you from calling the winner. In Georgia and North Carolina, Trump is a whisker ahead, while in Pennsylvania he leads by about 3 points. In Nevada, on the other hand, Biden is ahead, but with a gap of just 0.6 points. Eyes also on Arizona (11 big voters), which Fox News and AP have already assigned to Biden on the night of Election Day, but not other media such as CNN, Nbc and New York Times: here the advantage of the Democratic candidate, gradually as the counting of the last cards proceeds, it is getting thinner but it remains about 2 points. After winning Michigan and Wisconsin Biden is one step away from reaching the threshold of the 270 electors needed to conquer the White House. Depending on whether you count or not, Arizona got 264 or 253, compared to Trump’s 213. In Arizona, the cards still to be counted are 450,000, ( Courtsey Photo White House /Pool)

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