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Virna Lisi: beautiful photos to remember her on her birthday in a few days

Virna Lisi: beautiful photos to remember her on her birthday in a few days.Virna Lisi would have turned 84 today, the unforgettable beauty of Italian cinema in the world. She was beautiful, beautiful and would have turned 84 Virna Lisi, the unforgettable star of Italian cinema, which we want to remember this way, beautiful photos that immortalize her iconic and timeless beauty .

Yet, despite that cold and elegant allure, he was able to say no to Hollywood, so much so that he gave up the role of Barbarella, who then went to Jane Fonda: “they wanted me to do Barbarella – he revealed in an interview – but I didn’t want to put on silver wings, a onesie and a wig. ” And that’s how she was, a blonde with a “head” who knew how to free herself from the role of femme fatale that the majors wanted to sew on her, until she lived the life she always had wanted.

Virna Lisi: the birthday surprise for Jack Lemmon in the Hollywood blockbuster “How to kill your wife” (1965).

Virna Lisi: the “most beautiful woman in the world”

The “blonde diva” who drives the world crazy. She was so beautiful that her face looked like a painting, with golden measurements, with that right space between her eyes. He did not have to fear that seen from the side she would not be beautiful. ”A perfect, icy, aristocratic beauty, despite being an antidiva in his reserved and never haughty ways, had won a lot: six silver ribbons, four David di Donatello ‘interprétation féminine in Cannes. I dreamed of roles of adult, real women. I ran away from Hollywood, let alone, they wanted to turn me into Marilyn’s heir. All cotton, a nightmare “. The great rejection of the Hollywood career was one of the most authentic and famous pages of the 1960s. At that time, following the enormous successes of audiences and critics at home, Virna was called to Hollywood, where the American film majors were trying to launch a possible heir to Marilyn Monroe; Lisi signed a prestigious seven-year exclusive contract with Paramount and moved with her husband and son to Los Angeles. His first Hollywood film was the 1965 comedy How To Kill Your Wife, co-starring Jack Lemmon and Terry-Thomas under Richard Quine, which achieved great success (it was the highest American gross of the 1965-66 season) and remained in the annals the scene where Lisi walked out of Lemmon’s birthday cake wearing only a bikini. Virna Lisi, the most beautiful woman of the 60s.

Photo Gigi Iorio/ News Press Venice Festival

Photo Gigi Iorio/ News Press

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