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First Lady Melania ready to pack and divorce former US President Donald? The sensational scoop from America.With the defeat in the elections, Trump also loses his wife: Melania ready for divorce? Now that Joe Biden has become the president-elect of the United States, many are wondering what the first lady of America will do with the spotlight off. The “bookies” are already betting on a possible divorce from Donald Trump, after all “in the White House they slept in separate bedrooms” and often refused his hand in public.Trump was left alone. Even his wife Melania, after pressing for her husband to make a public statement recognizing the defeat, began to pack. He leaves the White House to return to his luxurious Trump Tower apartment, but he seems to want to give up even the tycoon after 16 years by his side.

The former assistant to the US president, Omarosa Maigault Newman, author of the book “Unhinged” is convinced: “If Melania did it while she is still in office, he would find a way to punish her.” Still, Ms. Trump has always claimed that she has a good relationship with Donald, despite the fact that the two have always slept in separate rooms and despite the fact that she always has a cold attitude towards him. And he has always stated that he never quarrels with his wife. It seems that before moving to the White House from New York, Melania had wisely negotiated a post-marital agreement that would guarantee her son Barron a part of the Trump empire in case of separation the two spouses.   ( Photo Courtsey White House)

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