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Riccardo Scamarcio turns 41: it’s his first birthday as a father. Last July, the Apulian actor had little Emily with his partner Angharad Wood. Jealous as always of privacy, he has not said a word about the child so far. And according to rumors, he hides another secret: he would have married without telling anyone
Riccardo Scamarcio, born in Trani, Puglia, on November 13, 1979, turns 41. And this is a special birthday for him. The first as a new father. The actor, who after twelve years next to Valeria Golino has found love with the English manager Angharad Wood, welcomed his first daughter at the end of July., Jealous as always of his privacy, “Ask me everything except my daughter” , he told reporters they were chasing him. “We chose the name, but I’m not telling you.” Not even a handful of days and the paparazzi who have immortalized new parents and pupa have made it known that the little one is called Emily. Riccardo and Angharad, however, would hide another secret: according to rumors they would have married without telling anyone. The alleged proof? The rings popped up last summer at the hands of the two. Gossip kills my work ». Who knows if the two have really become husband and wife. They certainly became parents. And this, for the new father Riccardo, will undoubtedly be a special birthday. Even if it were true, we will hardly know from the voice of the person concerned. The Apulian actor never backs down when it comes to talking about his career (sixteen years ago he made his debut in the role of the troubled young man from Three Meters Above the Sky and has since strung success after another) but when asked to telling his private life stiffens. Although, on the end of the ten-year relationship with Valeria Golino

Photo Gigi Iorio / News Press

Soon he will also be back in the cinema in Michele Placido’s film “The Shadow of Caravaggio”, Scamarcio has proved his worth as an actor. His career was a flash with the fame that came very early with the 2004 film “Three meters above the sky”. Scamarcio, however, was able to quickly shake off the label of simple idol of girls with convincing roles in very different films: from romantic comedies such as “Manual of love 2” to dramatic films such as “Romanzo Criminale” passing through international titles. as “John Wick 2” opposite Keanu Reeves or “The Taste of Success” with Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller and Omar Sy.

Photo Gigi Iorio / News Press

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