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The cast of “The Crown Preview

Original preview for “The Crown” season 4: the actors on their 31 pose at home

The cast of “The Crown” were deprived of a preview for season 4 of “The Crown”, so the red carpet has moved to them. Netflix sent a giant poster with the name of the series retracing the reign of Queen Elizabeth II to the homes of its stars for them to pose in front of them as in a traditional preview, made impossible this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and the containment decreed in England a few days ago. Show creator Peter Morgan then joined castmembers Olivia Colman, Gillian Anderson, Helena Bonham Carter, Josh O’Connor, Emerald Fennell and Emma Corrin to discuss the show.There is no question of promoting the new season in pajamas or casual attire. It was on his 31st that the cast of the series appeared in photos released by Netflix. We see Olivia Coleman, who plays the sovereign, standing next to her sofa in a sublime and elegant black two-piece suit with a white satin shirt. Helena Bonham Carter seemed to find this exercise particularly fun, playing the game hard. The one who plays Princess Margaret took the pose next to two dogs, a crown on her head dressed in a black lace dress. His good humor contrasts with that of Josh O’Connor, actor of Prince Charles, who appeared serious, almost jaded, in front of the camera. Emma Corrin, who appeared in “The Crown” as the young Princess Diana, was dressed in an original blue ensemble signed Miu Miu. ( Credit / Courtesy of Netflix)

Credit / Courtesy of Netflix

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