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Grammy 2021, Beyoncé is the queen of nominations

With nine nominations she is the female artist who deserved the most in the history of the award. There is also the mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli. The awards ceremony on January 31 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles leads comedian Trevor Noah

Beyoncé queen of the Grammy nominations with nine nominations, followed by Taylor Swift, Roddy Ricch and Dua Lipa with six each. Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard garnered five nominations for her solo debut, while four nominations went to Billie Eilish. Five nominations also went to Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby, Phoebe Bridgers, Justin Bieber, jazz pianist John Beasley and producer of classical music David Frost.Disappointment for The Weeknd, the Canadian singer-songwriter and producer given as a favorite, however, did not get any nominations. Among the curiosities is the fact that Beyoncé also competes with herself, in fact she was nominated both for Black Parade, the single released as a solo artist last year, and Savage, the song by Megan Thee Stallion in which she made an appearance. The awards ceremony will air on CBS January 31 live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Comedian Trevor Noah will lead it. Photo Courtsey Grammy Awards

Photo Courtsey Grammy Awards

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