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My first 60 years of Carol Alt Happy birthday!

Carol Ann Alt is an American supermodel and actress. In Italy, thanks to Carlo and Enrico Vanzina, she starred in numerous films and commercials in the eighties and nineties.Happy birthday to the representative of beauty par excellence in the 80s The American super model and actress Carol Alt turns 60 and has remained unforgettable in the heart of all.In Italy, her most famous role was that of Marina Ripa di Meana in the film My first 40 years.Here, then, that on the day of his sixtieth birthday, the reference to the film becomes immediate. Carol Alt is always beautiful and very charming and carries her years with enviable elegance and charm. Icon of fashion and beauty Carol Alt is a real fashion icon, nicknamed The face because of the perfection of her features. She has been considered the most beautiful woman in the world and boasts a career with more than 500 covers to her credit, tops in all.Refined, elegant, sensual, Carol supports the raw food diet. She became the author of several books on the subject. She was the perfect girlfriend of the legend Ayrton Senna until the tragic death of the pilot in 1994. Happy birthday! ( Photo Gigi Iorio/ News Press)

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