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Oscars 2021: No streaming, we are the Oscars.

The Academy confirms: in April the Oscars will be held in attendance  According to what is learned from the Academy, in fact, the 2021 Oscars may not be streaming. An important news for the world of cinema and beyond, as it paints a fairly optimistic picture in the medium term on what could be the evolutions of major international events in the covid-19 era. In fact, according to what is learned from the Academy, the idea of ​​a “remote” ceremony would seem excluded and that, on the contrary, the Oscars 2021 will be held in presence at the Dolby Theater.It should be emphasized that the postponement of the ceremony from February to April was already something more unique than rare for the Academy: in the history of the Oscars it happened only three more times with the flood of Los Angeles, the assassination of Martin Luther King and attempted murder of Reagan in 1981. In fact, the shifting of the ceremony for a few months is not only the result of health needs but also a requirement of the studios. Due to the pandemic, many films have seen their release delayed (one of them, the highly anticipated last chapter of James Bond with Daniel Craig) and for this reason it has been essential to create a new window of eligibility for the films that can now be candidates. until February 28th. And who knows that, precisely that of the 2021 Oscars, may not be the red carpet that will inaugurate the rebirth of events.

(Courtsey Oscars®, Academy Awards

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