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MTV Movie TV Awards 2020

The MTV Movie & TV Awards are changing the situation not only in the COVID-19 pandemic, but this year as well. In addition to shrinking the show due to public health concerns, MTV has expanded its pool of winners in the 2020s to include beloved stars, movies and television series dating back to the 1980s.Unlike previous ceremonies that usually focused on entertainment and performance only last year, the 2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards will be “best ever” in a new category from tragic collapse to legendary lip rock. Looks like. In June, MTV postponed a ceremony for fans, usually in the summer, due to the ongoing public health crisis. Details of the Sunday event are as follows

Like all things, the MTV Film & TV Awards pivoted to a different kind of ceremony this year because of the pandemic and opted to air a retrospective that spotlighted the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) in TV and film from the 1980s until the present. Hosted by  Vanessa Hudgens ,the ceremony continued the grand tradition of off-center and offbeat awards that included categories such as “Legendary Lip Lock”, “Heartbreaking Break-Up” and “Hero for the Ages”. There were no nominees announced prior. All winners were announced during the socially distanced ceremony which included appearances from Neve Campbell, Lily Collins and Derek Hough. Photo Courtsey MTV

MTV Movie & TV Awards 2020

The MTV Film & TV Awards ceremony is slated to return bigger and better than ever in 2021. Until then, read the GOAT honorees from tonight’s ceremony below.

GOAT: Dance Your A** Off /   Kevin Bacon, Footloose

GOAT: Comedy Giant /  Kevin Hart

GOAT: Dynamic Duo / Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates and Blended

GOAT: Scream Queen / Jamie Lee Curtis

GOAT: Legendary Lip Lock /Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair, Cruel Intentions

GOAT: Heartbreaking Break-Up / Jason Segel and Kristen Bell, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

GOAT: Zero to Hero / William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence, Karate Kid and Cobra Kai

GOAT: She-Ro /Gal Gadot

GOAT: Hero for the Ages /Chadwick Boseman

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