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Happy Birthday Ralph Fiennes

Happy Birthday Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Nathaniel Twinselton-Wykeham-Fiennes.Universally recognized Shakespearean performer (by the way, he is the only actor to have won the prestigious Tony Award for Hamlet on Broadway), Ralph is one who does not repeat himself often, as the films in his resume demonstrate: he goes from the futuristic Strange Days of Bigelow, to the epic of The English Patient, then make a detour into Cronenberg’s distorted universe with Spider, and a foray into the thriller with Red Dragon. And, after the attempt with the 5-star pop comedy Love (with the equally pop J.Lo), here he is again turning to the drama (The Constant Gardener), before entering the magical world of Harry Potter, and, as a good British, certainly does not refuse to appear in the new Bond series: in Skyfall it is Gareth Mallory, the future M (in place of Judi Dench). We will see some good ones. Ralph Fiennes turns 58. Born in Ipswich on 22 December 1962, the British actor, with Serbian citizenship since 2017, is a UNICEF ambassador and boasts a respectable curriculum. In his career he won a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award, receiving two Academy Award nominations for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. Photo Gigi Iorio/ News Press

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