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25th ° Capri, Hollywood – The International Film Festival “Congratulations to Pascal Vicedomini

Capri Hollywood turns 25: the 2020 edition is online Since 1995, a classic of the international cinema calendar founded and produced by Pascal Vicedomini in collaboration with the Capri Institute in the world.

 “Capri, Hollywood – The International Film Festival” enters the quarter century of its extraordinary history in a particular year, due to the global health emergency for the Covid19 pandemic. A successful bridging event between Italian and American cinema, “CAPRI, HOLLYWOOD 2020” traditionally inaugurates the season of global awards in view of the Golden Globes and Oscars. Founded and produced since the first edition by Pascal Vicedomini, # caprihollywood25 – will be held, as usual, from 26 December to 2 January in digital format. All movies on MYmovies. In the meantime, all the sections of Capri, Hollywood 25: homage to Enrico Lucherini with two documentaries by Marco Spagnoli and Antonello Sarno on the life of the famous press agent. Among the films proposed, three Italian comedies (Odio l’Estate by Massimo Venier, Divorzio a las Vegas by Umberto Riccioni, My band plays pop by Fausto Brizzi), for “A Digital Room With a View” the American Recon by Robert Davi Port with Franco Nero, ‘Out of the Spring’ by Gabriele Salvatores. Among the tributes on the bill in the coming days “Focus on Rainbow – Colorado Studios”, the cinema of Paolo Sorrentino, Long live the career of Antonio Capuano, From books to the big screen: Donato Carrisi. In the “Capri Special Contest 2020”, international shorts and “The Italian Job”, Italian medium and short films, works selected through the Film Freeway platform to which over 1600 authors from around 90 countries have signed up.

“Congratulations to Pascal Vicedomini Founder and producer. 25th ° Capri, Hollywood – Ischia Global Fest, Los Angeles Italy, The International Film Festival in the world

Photo Gigi Iorio / News Press

Photo Gigi Iorio / News Press

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