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Capri Hollywood, Sofia Loren Best Actress of the Year

Sophia Loren was awarded the prize for best actress at the “Capri Hollywood International Film Festival”, the review that opens the season of international awards.Sophia Loren with Edoardo Ponti awarded for “Life in front of himself”, Laura Pausini, best song award for “Io si” and Diane Warren, accompanied by live music by Noa and Andrea Griminelli: it is an Oscar-winning parterre for the conclusion of the 25th edition of the International film festival Capri Hollywood, a success with over one hundred thousand digital appearances and in the virtual rooms of My Movies.With producer Pascal Vicedomini, landlord in a studio where the blue island has been digitally reconstructed, here is Sophia Loren with the director Edoardo Ponti, Laura Pausini interpreter and author of the Italian text of the song composed by Diane Warren: all received ‘virtually’ the recognition. The board members of the Capri Institute in the world Tony Renis, who received the Legend Award, Franco Nero, Mark Canton also participated. Griminelli’s flute opened the evening with ‘Nuovo Cinema Paradiso’ to remember Maestro Morricone and closed with Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

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