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Happy Birthday Bradley Cooper, the heartthrob turns 46

Happy Birthday Bradley Cooper, the heartthrob turns 46. Bradley Cooper was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. achieved success with the comedy The Hangover and its two sequels. In 2012, however, he played the character of Patrick “Patrick” Solitano Jr. in the film The Positive Side – Silver Linings Playbook, paired with Jennifer Lawrence, and for which he received his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor.The actor blows out the candles alongside his daughter Lea, a single dad, out of the gossip spotlight, waiting for a new love, of course. Because since he ended his four-year relationship with Irina Shayk in the summer of 2019, Bradley has never been seen alongside other women. Because for Bradley, family comes before anything else: in recent months, although he has come off the gossip radar, he has been pinched several times by the paparazzi while walking with his little girl. “It’s the photocopy of the father,” commented the fans, highlighting the overwhelming similarity. It also seems that, after the lockdown, peace with Irina has re-broke, so as to be able to better manage co-parenting.

Photo Gigi Iorio/ News Press

Irina and Bradley, birthday in love.They have their birthday one day later … Aren’t these two perfect? Happy birthday to Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper, here are the reasons to love them, they are beautiful, after a year of love they had their first child and were born one day apart. Big blue eyes Bradley Cooper turns 46 on January 5th, and Irina Shayk turns 33 on January 6th, not bad as a witch! Photo Gigi Iorio/ News Press

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