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Jennifer Lopez launches JLo Beauty

Jennifer Lopez launched her beauty brand JLo Beauty, which includes eight products, with prices ranging from $ 18 to $ 118: a gel cream cleanser, a serum, a mask, a “miracle” cream, an SPF moisturizer, an eye cream, a “complexion booster” and a food supplement.The main ingredient of the line is the “JLo Beauty Olive Complex”, a 4-part blend that includes squalane oil, fermented oil, extra virgin oil and leaf extract. The blend “delivers antioxidant protection and provides clinically proven hydration throughout the day and that particular ‘star glow'”, World superstar, admired for her beauty, multifaceted talent and longstanding career, Jennifer Lopez unveiled the launch official of her new beauty line with a post on Instagram addressed to all her fans who have been waiting for its official debut since last summer. “I want people to know that this is something very important to me, something personal”, he declared the star. “I want to share what I’ve learned with people around the world. Want to know how I got my skin, how I look like this? Here’s how. That’s how I live my life and it’s pretty simple.”

JLo Beauty launched on its website on January 1st and will be available on Amazon and in stores and on the Sephora website starting January 14th.

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