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Emma Stone Cruella De Mon is about to return

Emma Stone Cruella De Mon is about to return .Permanent and 70s punk makeup. We will see her at the cinema in May 2021.Crudelia De Mon is about to return. As we know, she will have the face of Emma Stone. star actress of Disney’s live-action Cruella, which comes after the cult cartoon 101 Dalmatians of 1961.And Cruella here is not dressed in fur like in the cartoon, but in leather from head to toe. She is, in fact, a rock-punk version of Disney’s “villain”. The actress keeps several Dalmatians on a leash and her henchmen Gaspare and Orazio (Jasper and Horace) are behind her. Another detail: the film will be set in the London punk rock era of the 1970s.

We know that Emma Stone plays a young Cruella. Next to her, in the role of the immortal henchmen Horace and Gaspar, we find Paul Walter Hauser (revelation of Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewell) and Joel Fry, recently seen in Yesterday. Also noteworthy is Mark Strong in an unspecified role and Emma Thompson in the role of a “Baroness”.Eventually he sat behind the camera Craig Gillespie, who some will remember as Lars’ indie director and a girl of his own. Gillespie recently directed Tonya with Margot Robbie, in which Paul Walter Hauser starred among other things. Gillespie is actually the second choice, because Disney had already selected the theater director Alex Timbers, twice Tony Award nominated, then resigned for his other pressing deadlines.

Photo Courtsey Disney

Photo Courtsey Disney

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