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Noir in Festival, in Milan from 1 to 6 March 2021,

The poster for the 30th edition of Noir in Festival, scheduled in Milan from 1 to 6 March 2021, is signed by the master of comics, Mario Alberti, with an image that traces the iconography of the genre. From Sherlock Holmes to Tarantino passing through Lucarelli and Margaret Atwood, Alberti has paid homage to the genre with a choral poster that, among the threads of a cracked glass, shows, evanescent, some of the icons that made Noir a manifestation of cinema and literature capable to withstand time and to tell reality with a clear and disenchanted gaze. “The explosive image of Mario Alberti – the directors Giorgio Gosetti and Marina Fabbri declare – as well as a magnificent tribute to so much cinema and literature that made history and that we all love, tells with admirable timing the sense of precariousness of these times complex, the “cracks” we see every day; on the other hand, it seems to us that, as in a Kintsugi vase, art can, especially today, help to bridge the gap between the viewer and the world around him, reconstructing a representation that interprets reality. This is exactly what we want to do during this thirtieth edition, which if on the one hand it looks at our past, on the other it will be firmly projected towards the future. “

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