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Giorgio Armani Prive Spring Summer 2021 Haute Couture collection

GIt is the Haute Couture collections that tell the story of Giorgio Armani’s journey, his sense of freedom, his independence from fleeting trends. The Privé collection, presented for the first time at Palazzo Orsini, the heart of the Atelier where the clothes are born and take shape, pays homage to the city of Milan.

“Couture is rooted in fashion history. It represents the pinnacle of creativity and sartorial skill, but is a world available only to very few. Today, through the democracy of the Internet, we are able to offer a front row seat to everyone.” – Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Privé spring summer 2021 collection, titled In homage to Milan, is an emotional concentration of what its author thinks of fashion, women and Milan. In the frescoed rooms of Palazzo Orsini, headquarters of Giorgio Armani SpA and where beyond his High Fashion also finds a place in the frescoed halls, Giorgio Armani is radiant, serene and very proactive. He welcomes a few fashion critics (after health checks and antigenic swab) and, at a safe distance, tells about his collection and his state of mind emotionally tried, like everyone, from the pandemic period, but with the strength of an awareness in plus: «I miss the certainty that I still don’t have many years of work ahead of me. Now it is clear to me that this is no longer the case “

( Photo Courtsey of Giorgio Armani Prive )

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