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Jane Fonda Lifetime Achievement Award at the Globe

Jane Fonda will receive the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at the next Golden Globes. The award pays homage to her long and multifaceted career as an actress that includes classics like A Call for Inspector Klute, The Chinese Syndrome, Barefoot in the Park, Barbarella and Julia, but also her role as fitness queen, political activist during the Vietnam War and, most recently, a champion of the environment that several times last year got arrested on the steps of the Capitol in Washington. The Cecil B. DeMille Award is the highest honor attributed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association: in the past, it was received by, among others, Robert De Niro, Sophia Loren, Sean Connery, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Scorsese, Jodie Foster, Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep and, last year, Tom Hanks. Jane has been nominated 15 times for the Golden Globe and has won seven. She will collect the award on February 28 in a ceremony very different from the past due to the Coronavirus. Jane Fonda has been a fixture of American cinema since the heady days of New Hollywood. As an entrepreneur, activist and author she has left a wider imprint on popular culture. She is a global star.

Photo Red Carpet/ Gigi Iorio/ News Press

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