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Kristen Stewart is Lady Diana in the movie “Spencer”

First Look At Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana In ‘Spencer’; Filming Begins In Germany With Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins & Sean Harris Joining.Kristen Stewart was cast as Diana, Princess of Wales in Chilean director Pablo Larraín’s “Spencer” (“Neruda”, “Jackie”), a biopic about the late “People’s Princess”. The Twilight actress and Chanel testimonial will play the beloved royal in the early 90s, before her divorce from Prince Charles, in the film by Jackie and director Neruda Pablo Larraín.

Kristen Stewart: A New Important Role.The story of Diana, Princess of Wales, royal pioneer, activist and style icon continues to attract attention more than twenty years after her death. A brand new film about her life titled Spencer, currently in the works and starring Kristen Stewart, 30, in the role of the princess. Stewart, who in recent months had enthusiastically commented on her new role – “never been so excited for a part” – also said she felt a sense of protection towards Diana. Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show, Kristen Stewart’s enthusiasm led her to get into the role to the point of recreating an impressive resemblance to Diana, as evidenced by the first photo released by the production in late January 2021. Filming is scheduled. in Germany and the United Kingdom

Courtsey Instagramm Web- Spencer Shoebox Films

First Look At Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana /Courtsey Spencer Shoebox Films

Photo Red Carpet Gigi Iorio / News Press

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