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Selena Gomez the new EP in Spanish is coming,the new single “Baila Conmigo”

“Surprise! Selena Gomez has announced the release of a new song in Spanish called “Baila Conmigo”. It was made with two Latin music stars: producer Tainy and singer Rauw Alejandro, both Puerto Ricans. I took to listen to it in loop from Friday 29 January, let the countdown begin!.Gomez confirmed she was dropping a Spanish song, releasing the cover art for “De Una Vez.” She then retweeted her 2011 tweet where she had teased Spanish music was coming. “I think it will be worth the wait,” she added.

“De Una Vez,” released via Interscope Records and UMG, drops just a few days after zealous fans started speculating on social media that she’d drop Spanish-language music soon after several murals promoting new music were spotted across Mexico. “Mexican Selenator took a picture with a painted wall in Sayulita, Mexico,” the fan page Selena Gomez Worldwide tweeted.

Courtsey Instagramm selena Gomez

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