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Lupin Part 2 Will Arrive on Netflix This Summer

Lupin Part 2 Will Arrive on Netflix This Summer

If you’ve already finished your Lupin binge, we have good news and bad news. The good: More episodes of the show are on the way. The bad: You’ll have to wait until the summer to watch them.Netflix announced today that its popular new series Lupin will return for a second installment—with its final five episodes—this summer. We don’t know what’s in store yet for the French heist thriller, but director Marcela Said teased that there will be “a lot of action, for sure. And emotion.”

Lupin premiered on January 8 and debuted on Netflix’s Top 10, becoming the first French series to do so, per the Times. It quickly became a favorite and is estimated to reach upward of 70 million households in its first four weeks, according to TV Line. Compare that to the estimated 83 million who watched Bridgerton, now Netflix’s most-watched original series ever.

Photo Courtsey Netflix

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