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Irina Shayk x Mimi Luzon 24Kpure Gold lip treatment

Mimi Luzon has teamed up with Irina Shayk for one of the most exciting collaborations to hit the beauty sphere this year. Working together, they have created Mimi Luzon x Irina Shayk to join the rest of the glow collection. Nestled in a golden mirrored vault is a 24k Pure Gold Lip Treatment and an Epic Lush Lip Mask.

Commenting on the partnership Irina Shayk said ‘When I need my skin to look its best; Mimi Luzon is my go-to facialist. We blended our shared love of all things gold with Mimi’s skincare knowledge to create something truly special; our lip treatment is soothing, nourishing and simply luxurious.’Mimi recommends applying the Epic Lush Lip Mask over freshly cleansed lips, making sure all areas of your lips are covered. Instant revitalising your lips, this deeply nourishing lip mask promises to heal and rejuvenate dry, chapped lips. Infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Vitamin C to moisturise, brighten and repair, it leaves you pout soothed and glowing all day long. Follow with Mimi’s 24K Pure Gold Lip Treatment. Perhaps one of the most opulent treatments, the presence of pure gold helps to boost elasticity, stimulate collagen production and promote cell renewal leaving your lips illuminated and plumped.

Photo: Courtesy of Mimi Luzon/ Irina Shayk Instagramm

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