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Kate Bosworth Covers in Grazia Magazine Usa

The U.S. edition of Mondadori Group’s fabled brand Grazia announced the last of its three digital covers featuring the quintessential Grazia “it girl” Kate Bosworth. The release of the US digital cover coincided with the reveal of the Italian Grazia issue also featuring Bosworth on its cover. The Hollywood actress, producer, and KIND.est founder was photographed by LA-based photographer and director, Sasha Samsonova.

Grazia USA Editor-in-Chief David Thielebeule noted: “Grazia USA celebrates the women changing it all, and there is no better testament to that ethos than Kate Bosworth. Already a major star in her own right, she founded KIND.EST during the pandemic to bring more joy, honesty, and kindness into the world at a time when it’s so sorely needed. Photographed by Sasha Samsonova and styled by Petra Flannery, Kate’s cover is a tribute to bold, powerful and kind women changing the world.”

Kate Bosworth on Kind.est, creativity in crisis, and her new frontiers.Like everyone, I feel the emotional rollercoaster from day to day … we couldn’t sit around and watch a year pass by and press pause.”— Kate Bosworth

Photo Courtsey Kate Bosworth Instagram-Grazia Usa

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