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MFW-Etro Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2021/2022, Women’s Collection

Etro  Fashion Show  Fall/Winter 2021/2022, Women’s Collection  Milan Fashion Week / Photo: Courtesy of Etro

All this on the catwalk translates into a precious collection, yes, but not ideal, designed for a more everyday woman who dresses with quilted jackets and parkas and paisley printed bomber jackets, T-shirt dresses, boots embroidered with yarn, but also sweatshirts, leggings and anorak worn like a dress. Travel and exoticism, which have always been the trademark of the brand, are rewritten in a more everyday way, in a collection that looks more to the day than to the evening.

“I came out of my bohemian comfort zone” Veronica Etro says again, looking at the models that come out from the catwalk onto the street, symbolizing precisely that need for freedom that – hopefully – can be realized next winter.

Photo: Courtesy of Etro

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