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Laura Pausini, Golden Globe winner, an international star

The Italian Laura Pausini for the victory of Io Sì in the best song category. The artist received the award sitting on her piano and gave a speech under the banner of “thank you”. “Thank you, thank you” she repeated visibly excited thanking Edoardo Ponti, Sophia Loren and all the people who contributed to her victory which, we can say, is truly historic.

Congratulations to Laura Pausini who won the Golden Globe for the best original song (Io Sì / Seen taken from the film Life in front of Edoardo Ponti with Sofia Loren, visible on Netflix). No song entirely in Italian before this written by the singer from Romagna together with Diane Warren and Niccolò Agliardi had ever won the prize awarded by foreign press journalists enrolled in the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association).

Historically, the Golden Globe is an anticipation of the awards that will be awarded at the Night of the Oscars (next April 25), so there is also the possibility that the prestigious statuette will win

Photo Courtsey HFPA/ Instagramm

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