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Nastri d’Argento 2021 Platinum Ribbon to Sophia Loren

Nastri d’Argento 2021: Sophia Loren receives the Platinum Ribbon for The Life Ahead.

The National Union of Italian Cinematographic Journalists awards the Platinum 75 Ribbon to Sophia Loren for her performance in Edoardo Ponti’s film Life in front of herself, fresh from a Pausini-style Golden Globe for the best song.”Another important award for Sophia Loren, the prestigious Platinum Ribbon, conceived for our greatest actress who will remain unique in the history of Film Journalists” The award is given to her for her performance in the film Life in front of her, directed by son Edoardo Ponti, exactly twenty years from the Oscar® for his career and more than half a century after the deluge of awards he has received in the world since the first Academy statuette that he conquered, very young, in 1962 for La Ciociara.”In the touching interpretation of her in ‘Life in front of herself’ directed by her son Edoardo Ponti with an extraordinary sensitivity. Sophia Loren once again touched the hearts of millions of spectators with her talent and with a message of universal love. Life in front of oneself is a film that speaks of tolerance and generosity, an invitation to give absolute love and, at the same time, a lesson in civilization. In the story of a single love, the right not only to be able to love but to be loved in any case “.From the actress, who welcomed the news in Geneva, a more than emotional message: “Thank you very much for this honor. It touches me deeply because it celebrates a film and a character that have entered my soul. When Edoardo offered me the role I have to admit that part of me was anxious to walk on the set after ten years of absence, the years pass for everyone, but when I found myself in front of the camera, all the fears and anxieties have been replaced by passion and commitment to tell this beautiful story full of humanity, love and tolerance. I also want to dedicate this award – says Sophia Loren- to all those who share my age. Dreams and the passion for life have no age and so why not live every day as if it were the beginning of a beautiful new chapter? I wish everyone the unexpected joys of life in front of you ”.

Photo: Courtesy of   Netflix

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