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Harry and Meghan from Oprah Winfrey: a tribute to Lady Diana

CBS has released the first sneak peeks of Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, including personal reflections, projects and a romantic tribute to Lady Diana.

The interview that Oprah Winfrey did with Harry and Meghan will be broadcast in a few days. An event awaited by all fans of the Royal Family and which, certainly, will help to clarify the Megxit and the relations between the Dukes of Sussex and Queen Elizabeth II. What is certain is that it is a very intimate discussion, in which the Prince and his wife cannot neglect the memory of their beloved Lady Diana.

The announcement of the Dukes of Sussex interview with Oprah Winfrey came a few weeks ago. Their first appearance on television, following their departure from the UK, will be broadcast on March 7 on CBS. An event that takes place after the announcement of the arrival of the second child of the royal couple. From the first anticipations, in fact, Meghan Markle appears with the mentioned baby bump. However, the scene is also stolen by another detail.

The first images that anticipate the full interview

In view of the airing of the interview with Harry and Meghan, to which Queen Elizabeth responded with a preventive intervention on TV, the production has published short previews. Two unreleased videos that show some moments of the couple’s intimate chat with Oprah Winfrey. Judging from these anticipations, the issues addressed will be very important and will reveal relevant details on the general condition with the royal family and with the British press. The meeting is divided into two parts. At first, the TV host only converses with Meghan Markle. The television special, a truly one-of-a-kind event, will be aired by CBS on March 7. We do not know if it will be re-proposed in other parts of the world but we trust that it can be respectable (in whole or in part) on video platforms such as YouTube Courtsey © CBS 

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