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Oscar preview: Hollywood unveils its Renzo Piano museum of cinema

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is finally (almost) ready. It will be inaugurated within the year: two theaters, a terrace with a view and a sea of ​​exhibitions and themed quotes for a 350 million euro facility

It is shortly before we know the winners of the 2020 Oscars. In the meantime, Hollywood has decided to reveal another “secret”: taking advantage of the plethora of journalists present waiting to know who the statuettes will go to, the organization has shown them in preview of the highly anticipated Academy Museum of Motion Picture, the new cinema museum that bears the signature of Renzo Piano. The site then hosted the party dedicated to the candidates for the Oscar for the best foreign film (which this year is called Best International Feature film) A structure costing 388 million dollars (just over 350 million euros at current exchange rates), whose opening, already promised on two different dates in 2019 and as many times deferred, is now planned within the year, (museums: all new for 2020) but without further details. The reports of those who have visited the structure speak of an advanced state of work, both in the May Company Building, a building from the late 1930s that has been completely renovated, and in the adjacent, newly built globe-shaped theater.

Located near the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the museum has been running since 2012. Among its characteristics, the aforementioned David Geffen Theater, a theater-cinema with 1000 seats. Connected to the May Company Building by a glass bridge named after Barbra Streisand and offering spectacular views over the LA hills, it is equipped to project digital, 35, 70mm and silver nitrate laser films. It will host screenings of major film premieres, the auteur cinema, retrospectives dedicated to Fellini or Miyazaki, will however find space in a second room, the Tedd Mann, which has 288 green seats. Above the theater, the Dolby Family Terrace looks directly at the Hollywood Sign, the giant sign overlooking the city of cinema, all covered by a dome made up of 1,500 glass panels.

At the entrance, a 1000 square meter hall will host the Spielberg Family Gallery, where exhibitions will be held in rotation, as well as the inevitable restaurant, café and themed souvenir shop. On the fourth floor, the Katzenberg Galleries will be the site of temporary exhibitions – the first dedicated to Miyazaki and a showcase of black cinema of the period 1900-1970. There will obviously be a permanent collection of themed memorabilia, of which the first goodies filter. It ranges from stage costumes, such as the hat worn by Greta Garbo in “Mata Hari” or the cloak that Bela Lugosi wore in “Dracula” of 1931; drawings such as the sketch from which the stone tablet of the “Ten Commandments” of 1956 was born, or stage tricks, such as those created by the master Dick Smith for the “Godfather” and the “Exorcist”. One of the exhibitions will use the 1939 “Wizard of Oz” as a tool to tell the art of cinema: all will have as a means a pair of slippers worn by Judy Garland for the occasion. Among other proposals, a classroom headed to Shirley Temple where educational courses on cinematography will be held. oscar 2020 los angeles hollywood usa museums design icons metropolis california renzo piano

Photo Courtsey A.M.PA.S Oscar

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