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The Bud Spencer Museum opens in Berlin

The Bud Spencer Museum opens in Berlin

The inauguration of the museum dedicated to Bud Spencer is scheduled for June 27th in the center of Berlin.the opening. On June 27, 2021, exactly five years after the death of the unforgettable Carlo Pedersoli aka Bud Spencer, the Bud Spencer Museum will open in the heart of Berlin, which will host an exclusive exhibition on the life and works of the much loved Italian actor.

Bud Spencer Museum: cars, props and mementos from the actor’s films

On an exhibition space of 500 square meters, the family of the late actor Carlo Pedersoli will showcase many unpublished photos, the historical posters of his most famous films, the real stage costumes and countless props from the sets. Also on display will be the legendary cars of … otherwise we’ll get angry, the red Dune Buggy with a yellow hood and the Ford Escort MK1, the famous ice cream truck and the pinball machine of Pari e dispari as well as some life-size reproductions of the unforgettable Bud. Various photopoints and interactive attractions will give the public unforgettable moments of pure fun.

Photo Courtsey The Bud Spencer Museum

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