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Sharon Stone’s second life “The Beauty of Living Twice”.

Sharon Stone’s second life “The Beauty of Living Twice”.

The Beauty Of Living Twice: The Basic Instinct star’s candid memoir The Beauty of Living Twice, which hit shelves on Tuesday, is riddled with bombshells about the star’s colorful life. The iconic actress and digital coverstar of L’OFFICIEL March 2021 talks about her new novel “The Beauty of Living Twice”. She tells of her life, after having nearly died with a serious stroke, her struggles with society, family relationships and her intentions for the future. She was writing “The Beauty of Living Twice,” her first book, which debuted earlier this month. But the release is not a typical Hollywood tale, nor does Stone distribute the usual autobiography with an obvious chronological sequence of her life. It is rich in detail and sometimes suggests more than divulging specifics. Additionally, the book describes an emotional journey of discovery, forgiveness, acceptance, and healing from sickness, avoiding becoming a mushy tome of self-help. “Writing is such a unique and lonely journey and this is hard for everyone else to grasp,” Stone tells L’OFFICIEL. “When you reveal yourself to the rest of the world, you feel like a vampire who has been stuck in a box for 200 years, coming out saying ‘Sunshine!'” In her memoir, Sharon also devoted an entire chapter about the # MeToo movement in Hollywood and her own experiences with sexism, which she spoke about briefly in an interview with L’Officiel. The 63-year-old mother-of-three told L’Officiel on Wednesday: ‘Sex has long been expected in my craft. I certainly didn’t sleep [with anyone] to get into the business. But that didn’t stop me from being sexually-abused all my life by people I knew and who I did not know ‘

Photography Michael Muller- Photo Courtsey L’OFFICIEL Instagram Sharon Stone

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