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Giorgio Armani signs a new 72 meter Admiral superyacht

Giorgio Armani and The Italian Sea Group announce the design and construction of a new 72 meter Admiral motor yacht. The yacht will be ready in early 2024.

The Italian Sea Group has announced the collaboration with Giorgio Armani for the construction of a cutting-edge 72-meter “Admiral” motor yacht.A new “unique” project by Giorgio Armani is about to arrive on the market: it is, specifically, a yacht designed and built in collaboration with The Italian Sea Group. The company specialized in boating based in Marina di Carrara announced the prestigious partnership: the boat, whose project will be delivered at the beginning of 2024, is precisely a cutting-edge 72-meter “Admiral” motor yacht. .

In announcing the collaboration with Giorgio Armani on the official website of The Italian Sea Group, Giovanni Costantino, Founder & CEO of the company, declared: “This agreement, of which I am extremely proud, represents further confirmation of our way of being and to be able to carry out unique projects with excellent Made in Italy brands that share our values ​​”. Costantino again: “Armani is synonymous with timeless elegance and refinement and his stylistic vision will also contribute to increasing our stylistic sensitivity. The new motor yacht, which combines technology and design excellence with Armani’s distinctive features and her deep identity will give us great satisfaction “. Admiral ”is the flagship brand of The Italian Sea Group. Founded in 1966, Admiral is recognized and appreciated for its elegance, classicism and prestige. Over the years 147 “Admiral” branded yachts have been launched.There is great expectation now for the arrival of the new cutting-edge 72-meter “Admiral” motor yacht built in collaboration with the designer Giorgio Armani. The countdown towards the beginning of 2024 has already started.

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